How to Obtain Your Own Hickory Set

Modern Reproductions

There are three companies that still produce hickory shafted golf clubs. This is the easiest and fastest means of obtaining playable clubs. The are:

Louisville Golf - - Mike Just - 1-800-456-1631

Tad Moore Golf - - Tad Moore - 1-706-333-9626

St Andrews Golf Company - - 44-1334-840860

Authentic Hickory Clubs

Organizing an authentic hickory set is fun but time consuming. You can go to ebay and search hickory shaft golf clubs. There will be lots of clubs for sale. Look for descriptions saying playable condition. Even then you may have to take the heads off and glue them back in and weight them to your liking. There are many early club makers. Most hickory players like Tom Stewart irons. The most difficult clubs to find are good playable woods. Ben Sayers, Robert Forgan and Spalding are some names to look for. Good source for advice and clubs are Randy Jensen in Omaha, NE -, Rob Ahlschwede in Seatle, WA - or Klas Ohlsson - and Owe Werner in Sweden.